Letter from Stella Lindsey Scheirman to Jim & Cora Lindsey
December 26, 1935

December 26, 1935 [Kingfisher OK]

[This was only 10 days after the death of James Alexander Lindsey: Ray, Jim, and Stella’s father.]

Dear Jim Cora & all:

We all went to Church Christmas Eve, but James and Mother – he wanted to stay. I got up early and put the gifts around the little live tree and had breakfast all ready when the family got up. Oh yes James got up early too and helped me. A cold North wind came up about 3 AM and everything was frozen up by daylight & so cold. Grandma came in after we had breakfast & we had our programs & Bill gave out the presents. We hung up her nice bath robe. I had Miss F to make her a pretty apron – will send sample – piped in dark blue binding. We also gave her $1.00 in cash and stationary her pack of candy etc. The children were all pleased and it seemed like they felt the spirit of Christmas more. Tho all the sorrow & sadness, they were more thoughtful of each other. Bill got me a set of 12 glass salad plates, real nice. Some were being cleared out last fall and he put them away. Stella gave pretty handkerchiefs and the boys gave me a pair of pliers (I am always needing them around here). We got a good lantern for Bill & he got the usual supply of socks hankies etc. Wm. Jr. some stamps, diary (he counted his Kodak for Xmas). Stella = beads, diary (5 yr), dresser comb, pocket comb, doll, stockings. James, a tool set, dominos, oak game ski ball, gun, comb, toy truck. Gene – little boats, domino, foot ball, tennis ball, larger truck, book, game, toy car. Mildred – Hug Me doll 24”, dishes, book. Charles – caterpillar tractor, truck, clay molding set, rubber car, book. Besides the nice gifts you sent. Stella said she liked the pencil best of all. I thought my cushion so nice as it looks nice in front room with cream color balls. We thank you. Did you get the nuts Bill sent? I gave Francis a chicken because I couldn’t find time to prepare individual gifts.

Cora, I wanted to get Stella a sweater and have a pleated skirt made. But when I went in on Sat. to look the supply was sold out so low there was nothing pretty left. Now if you can watch for something there and mail to me – maybe store would wrap & mail it. I’ll send you money & postage. The sweaters are about $3.00 and cloth $1.50 per yd. 54” here, but I don’t like colors etc. She has a red velvet cap & a red crocheted cap to match her coat. Now most any color you think harmonizes with her coat is all right for she wears the darker shades of red & plaids nicely. Also greys or even blues & wine. She said anything that Aunt Cora selected would please her but she is growing so tall her dresses are short and will do for school but I want a dress up outfit for Church etc. her ht is 5’5 ˝ “ Her bust 32 ˝” her dress length finished 28” (finished = should it be more, from her waist to floor is 42 ˝”) Waist 27” over dress. Now, this is asking a lot of you, Cora, for I know how hard it is to shop for another but I know you have so much to select from there and the sales at first of year you could probably get as much nice material for the same price and Stella will be delighted if you select it. The nicest sweater here was mostly grey & she doesn’t like that color. Of course in a plaid skirt it is pretty with red. Plain red is all right—just any color that is nice for a young girl. If you can get skirt ready made all right, if not I get Miss Feldhake [?] to make skirt. Hip measure is 32 ˝”. [Stella Virginia Scheirman was 12 years old].

Aunt Ada & Uncle Jake didn’t get over for dinner. It turned so cold. Bill didn’t even go in after his mother, so we had our 9. I had 2 roasted chickens, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, chow chow, celery, fruit salad, whipped cream, chocolate cake, coffee & cocoa. The children played all afternoon in the house and in the eve just as I started to pick up the front room, Ray’s all drove in. They visited & I put on a lunch (help yourself) and they left about dark. Lots of excitement among youngsters. Chas. [Charles Scheirman, age 5] got on dining table & lay on his stomach & run his caterpillar over various articles & Buddy [Robert Vernette Lindsey, almost 7] fell head first in icey water tank etc etc. But we all come thru OK & had a good nights rest last night. I have mending every day coats & just began writing this when the mail came with your letter written Sunday. We got so many letters and cards. Well I must get busy. Will let someone else finish this and thank you for all your nice letters and remembrance. Mildred [Scheirman, age 6] loves her little dolly for she can sew for it, and the little garments Ethel Mae [Lindsey, age 16] fixed are so cute. Stella likes it too, and they took my bath screen and made a play house and played all afternoon with their doll family while the boys sawed and hammered and run tractors and cars etc and molded clay.

Love to all, Stella

[Stella Belle Lindsey Scheirman (1889 – 1938) to brother Jim Lindsey and family in Minneapolis MN. My notes are in brackets – KA Sep 2005. The children were Bill Jr. 14, daughter Stella 12, almost 13, James 11, Gene 9, Mildred 6, and Charles 5. Ray and Frances kids who may have been there were Emmaray 21, Annagene 14, JK 10, and Buddy, Robert Vernette almost 7.]