Lindsey Family Reunions

Grandpa Jim Tried to Enlist in WWI

Told by Ethel Mae in 1978 at the Legend Lake reunion. This is an MP3 sound file (861 KB).

2005 Virginia Reunion

The Lindsey Family History slide shows produced by Katie have moved to here.


Here is a rough history of family reunions.  Other comments are welcome.






Leech Lake, MN

Cora & Jim Lindsey


1973 (summer)

Legend Lake, WI (RV's & camping: the cabin was not yet built)

Mary Jean Angermeyer


1975 (June)

Legend Lake, WI

Mary Jean Angermeyer


1978 (July 4)

Legend Lake, WI

Mary Jean Angermeyer


1979 (July) Flat Top Mountain, VA Ethel Mae Bovet  

1983 (July 4th Weekend)

Estes Park, CO

Louise Lindsey



Legend Lake, WI

Mary Jean Angermeyer


1991 (July 20-27)

Lake One, Ely, MN

Louise Lindsey



Door County, WI

Mary Jean Angermeyer



Bayside, ME

David Bovet



Chico Hot Springs, MT

Carol Lindsey


2005 (June 10-19?)

Hungry Mother State Park, VA

Katie Angermeyer


Jim Lindsey, Sr. says, "I believe all 4 families plus my parents and Aunt Marion were at Leech Lake.  Possibly one or more children may not have been there as it was camp time.  This would mean about 25-27 were there.  The count would be more for the 1973 Legend Lake, but my father died in 1958; both Ted & Shari and both parents could have been there  There were about 45 at the Bayside & Chico reunions.  We have had 3 reunions in WI, 2 in MN and 1 each in CO, ME & MT plus one this summer in VA.  This means we have had 5 in the midwest, 2 in the west and 2 in the east, none in the south and none in the far west."

Marta Snow says, "In regards to reunions past - I'm sure there was one at Legend Lake in the late '70's ('78 or '79), since I remember it, and I was born in '73. I remember fishing on the dock with Bill and Ted, hooking Ted with a fishhook pretty bad, bunk beds, wild strawberries, a brief visit by the Siwula's, and playing the violin with Kathy and other musicians of the family. I know I liked meeting all my mom's aunts, uncles and cousins from around the country and hearing stories."

Music Clips

Katie has sent some MP3's from recordings made at Legend Lake in 1978.  Windows Media Player or Apple's Quicktime can usually play these, or you may need to find a separate player if you don't have that.

Marta Playing Twinkle on Katie's Violin (696 KB, about 2.5 minutes on a dial-up).  Katie says, "This was the exact moment that Marta got hooked on the violin."  Lots of giggles and encouragement.

Lindsey Reunion Band playing and singing Shoo Fly (816 KB).  Katie says, "Little kids were Marta, Billy and Ted.  Marion and Aunt Ethel were there."